Monthly membership entitles you to full use of the facilities of 4FITT HQ on a monthly basis

Day Pass entitles you to full use of the facilities for one day only at 4FITT HQ

Annual prepaid entitles you to full use of the facilities of 4FITT HQ for a 12-month period


By completing the online application form and agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions; you agree to pay all 4FITT HQ gym membership and other fees on time.

In addition to your monthly, annual prepaid, daily usage, extra add on package or other membership fees we will also charge you a Joining fee. This Joining fee will be displayed on the website and is non-refundable.

You must pay your membership for the length of time that you have signed up for, after this period your membership will continue to be taken from your account at the same price until you cancel by emailing cancellations@4fitt.com

It is your responsibility to keep up to date with your monthly gym membership fees, should your membership payments fail you will be fined £20 and additional fines up to £200 may be placed on your account. Your debt may be passed on to a third party debt collection agency.

Your card details can be kept up to date on our website, should you lose or change your card it is your responsibility to update this before your next payment. Failure to do this may result in the fines described above.

Gym Rules

You must wear appropriate clothes and shoes in the Clubs. No jeans or flip-flops are permitted

A sweat towel must be carried at all times, and equipment must be wiped down after use.

Weights must not be dropped inappropriately, and must be replaced after use.

Failure to comply will result in the suspension or cancellation of membership. You must not abuse the equipment or facilities of 4FITT HQ (you will be liable to pay for any negligent or deliberate damage to property).

You must not behave in a violent, rude or threatening way or in a manner, which distresses or causes discomfort to other members of the gym or gym staff.

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed in any part of a Club. Possession of alcohol, narcotics or other mood-altering substances is not permitted, neither is the use of a Club while under the influence of any of these substances.

Members must secure their personal belongings on their person or place and secure them in the lockers provided by us at all times whilst using 4FITT HQ facilities. Your property is left in these lockers entirely at your own risk.

You are responsible for ensuring that you correctly operate or use any facilities and/or equipment (including adjusting levels or settings), which we provide. If you are in any doubt about how to correctly operate any equipment, you must consult one of our representatives before use.

Personal Trainers operate in our clubs on a self-employed basis. Any service they provide to you constitutes a contract between the Personal Trainer and you rather than 4FITT. We accept no responsibility for breach of contract or negligence caused by a Personal Trainer.

4FITT does not allow any personal training to be done in the club by anybody that is not part of the 4FITT self-employed personal training team. Any members suspected of personal training will have their membership cancelled.


In the course of your membership, 4FITT may collect certain personal information about you including personal details, financial details and information about your health. We will use this information for purposes including managing your membership and communicating with you. You have the duty to keep your personal information up to date and to inform us of any significant changes.

We will limit access to the processing of and use of your personal information to our employees and management who may, from time to time, require its use for marketing or other services. In addition, from time to time, we may need to make your personal information available to third parties such as legal authorities, our group companies and professional advisors.

Please contact the manager of your Home Club if you have any questions or concerns about how 4FITT will use and store your personal information or if you wish to exercise your right to access, modify, object to the use of or request the deletion of your personal information.

We reserve the right to take photographs of our facilities (which may include you, provided your inclusion is incidental) for press and promotional purposes.

As a member of 4FITT, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above text and you agree that 4FITT may collect, use, process and disclose your personal information as described.